Ticket To Ride
“Ticket to Ride” features the Country’s top Beatles sound-a-likes!
Members of “Ticket to Ride” have traveled the World re-creating the Beatles “Live in
Concert”.  With authentic instruments and costumes.  “Ticket to Ride” performs the Beatles
most Classic and Greatest hits!

The Cast:

Jeff Toczynski……….as Paul McCartney

Jeff brings to the stage the Charm and Enthusiasm of “Sir” Paul McCartney.
With exact attention to detail… Jeff’s acoustic guitar rendition of “Yesterday” and his piano
performance of “Hey Jude” are truly Awesome!

Gilbert Bonilla……….as John Lennon

Gilbert is the complete John Lennon.  With excellent guitar, harmonica, vocal and keyboard
skills, Gilbert takes the audience on a Grand tour of classic Beatles hits! From “Twist &
Shout” to “Revolution”, Gilbert is Brilliant!

David Brighton……….as George Harrison

David takes on the role of the “Quiet” Beatle, but his Gretsch guitar screams out Volumes of
classic George Harrison guitar licks! From the rocking’ “Roll Over Beethoven” to the
Beautiful “Something”, David is Amazing!

Mike Sarafian……….As Ringo Starr

Precise Drumming and Vocals best describes Mike.  From “I wanna be your man” to “Yellow
Submarine”, Mike captures the Personality and Spirit of Rocks most famous Drummer! As
Ringo….Mike has no equal!

The Music...The Magic...The Mania!